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Air Therapy and Home Fragrance

Giardino Benessere

Air Therapy

A new definition of wellness

Air Design

A new definition of wellness

Made in Italy

Each Giardino Benessere product is designed and handcrafted in Italy. We only use high quality and natural materials.

Respect the Environment

We love our planet, and we want to save it. Each creation is made using renewnable solar power and a production cycle that respect the environment.


Air Therapy

Purify the air you breath, every day..
  • Decorate, with light

    A candle is a dynamic scuplture: every piece is unique and it transforms its shape while burning.

    Some candles open like flowers; others create a cavity and filter the glittering light of the flame through the colored wax, like a lantern.

    Not only desigh: a candle enhance the space you live, with light..

  • Silver

    The flame releases Silver Ions in the air, transported by vapour molecules.

    Silver is one of the most powerful natural disinfectants. It kills bacteria and molds, and it's used for disinfecting air and water in Space Shuttles or surgery rooms.

    And what's best, it is completely safe!

  • Perfume

    Every GB candle contains up to the 30% of pure essence.

    This is possible thanks to our patented solid essence, which is soluble in wax and doesn't evaporate (as other candles do, creating hugly drops on the surface).

    For this reason, one single candle can perfume a 150 m2 room: you can smell the difference!

  • Humidify

    While burning, a GB candle releases water vapour in the air.

    Lighting a candle is equivalent to growing a small plant in your room, which regulates the level of humidity in the air to the optimal level.

  • Alimentary wax

    Every candle is made using a special blend of vegetal wax, which is tested for alimentary use.

    This is the same wax you can find inside chewing gum, or wrapped around cheese to conserve it.

    Wax completely safe, that you can eat... if you want to..

  • As the breath of a canarin..

    A burning candle produces as much CO2 as the breathing of a small canarin.

    The result is a clean, safe and healty air.


The Products

Giardino Benessere

Each Giardino Benessere product is handcrafted with passion and experience using high quality natural ingredients.



Our selection of natural fragrances

Fourteen Colours - One Soul - Fourteen Fragrances


Green Tea

Black Violet

Vanilla Flower

White Musk

Floral, Fresh, Musk

Cotton Flower

Woody, Sweet, Floral

The Bianco

Fresh, White Tea, Fruity, Iris


Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Woody


Ambery, Floral, sweet, woody

Sandalo e Mirra

Woody, aromatic, spicy, sweet




Spice Armony


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